BloomFilm provides the entertainment industry with audio/visual marketing services for promotion and advertising.  We specialize in creative development and production of theatrical trailers and teaser trailers for movie theatres, television and radio spots for broadcast, special concept shooting, documentaries, main title sequences, special graphics, music videos, montages and product reels for special sales purposes.


Founded in 1987 by Jon Bloom, BloomFilm continues to build upon Bloom’s solid reputation as a top filmmaker.  BloomFilm has compiled an impressive list of feature theatrical advertising campaigns, including the hits Dances With Wolves, Sleeping With The Enemy, Far And Away, The Fast and The Furious, Chocolat, Flirting With Disaster, and Sling Blade, as well as Music Of The Heart, Mansfield Park, Runaway Bride, Prince Of Egypt, Diabolique, Wild America, Uncle Buck, The River Wild, Mountains Of The Moon, The Abyss, Say Anything, Working Girl, Bright Lights, Big City, Moon Over Parador, Murder In The First, Final Analysis, Toys, The Santa Clause, Sneakers and Chicago.


A Six-Term Governor at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Bloom also Chairs the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch.  Additionally, he has created and produced for the Academy, its annual theatrical trailer for the Oscar Ceremony and created more than twenty special montages for the Academy Awards ceremony as well as for the Emmys, SAG Awards and other events.


An award-winning filmmaker in his own right, Jon Bloom counts among his kudos six Emmy nominations, a Clio Award plus six Clio nominations, numerous Hollywood Reporter Key Art Trailer Awards and many film festival honors including an Academy Award Nomination as Producer/Director of the Live-Action Short Film OVERNIGHT SENSATION, based upon the Somerset Maugham short story, “The Colonel’s Lady” and starring Robert Loggia, Louise Fletcher & Shari Belafonte.  In addition to the Oscar nomination, the film won first place awards at the Houston, Aspen and American Film Festivals and is currently available at the Apple iTunes music store on the net.


With Bloom’s impressive credentials as a director, it is understandable that BloomFilm enjoys a reputation for its expertise in special shooting, from live-action shoots with major stars to tabletop cinematography, special effects, computer graphics, documentary shoots & trick photography.  Bloom has directed top performers including Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda, Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger, Darryl Hannah, Dudley Moore, Joseph Bologna, George Peppard, Danny Glover, James Garner, Mary Tyler Moore & Tom Hanks.


Jon Bloom’s experience in the motion picture industry includes early stints as an assistant director to Robert Wise and Robert Altman, and assistant editor to Francis Ford Coppola on “Godfather II.”  His multiple decades in motion picture advertising encompass his time as a principal and founder of both Seiniger/Bloom Productions and Intralink, and as a producer of trailers and director of “behind-the-scenes” documentaries for Kaleidoscope Films.  During this period, his work included campaigns for such hit films as Return Of The Jedi, About Last Night, E.T., An American Tail, Throw Momma From The Train, Broadcast News, The Last Emperor, Little Shop Of Horrors, The Verdict, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Missing, Going in Style, The Morning After, Bladerunner, Shogun, Victor/Victoria & 10.